Nov 11 2023


9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Sacred Architecture Tour – St. Peter in Chains Cathedral Basilica


Hosted by The Angelico Project Cincinnati’s Cathedral Basilica is one of the most unusual cathedrals in America, and she’s waiting for you to discover her wonders! Purchase tickets here. Join us for an exploration of the epicenter of local Catholicism! Rev. Jan K. Schmidt, Rector of the Cathedral Basilica, will lead us on our journey through one of our region’s most important sacred spaces. Expect not only a profound experience of local art, but also a deep dive into the rich and beautiful spiritual history of Cincinnati. A top Angelico event! Not only are our Sacred Architecture Tours some of our most popular events, but our last tour of St. Peter in Chains was our top-selling tour to date! You won’t want to miss out as we explore the fascinating history of Cincinnati’s unusual, sple…

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