Nov 17 - 19 2023


6:00 PM - 12:00 PM

GLORY: Forged by His Love – Eagle Eye Ministries Fall Retreat


Hosted by Eagle Eye Ministries. This retreat is for those who have already encountered Christ or who know they long to encounter Christ, but are often very aware how far they are from having a “holy life.” Or even just a “put together” life. It’s for those who all too often encounter halfheartedness and discouragement in their lives, but desire to go beyond. The Mystical Doctor, St John of the Cross, was a man who experienced hardship, setbacks, and straight up persecution in his life. Yet in the midst of these completely un-ideal situations, confronted constantly with his own weakness, instead of despairing he was drawn into profound intimacy with Christ. And he wrote about it in a way that allows others to discover that intimacy. Come and discover in a new way or all over again who Ch…

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